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Of Cameras and Kindles and Running Shoes...

Posted on June 27, 2010 at 10:14 PM

Well, of course, lots has happened since my last entry. Life in Japan being the never ending adventure that it is, there's always something happening, and many of those things have been interesting. Let us see, then, if I can actually recall any of them at the moment.

  • I bought about 10 books and read them all in just over a week.
  • I came up with a new novel plot that is going to have to wait until I finish the two other novels I've already started.
  • I'm still playing with my band "Hashi Jouzu" (Full name is Hashi Jouzu and the Deathcult Panty Flame Experience - and no, of course we're not serious) (Hashi Jouzu means "talented with chopsticks" it's something we hear A LOT) By the way, the photograph at the top of this entry is indeed a picture of the band. That's me on bass in the back right corner. :-)
  • I bought a sweet pentax waterproof, dirtproof, dropproof camera.
  • We did an extremely pretty albeit rather dangerous hike around some sea cliffs (I took pictures with my awesome new camera)
  •  I went and picked sansai (mountain vegetables) with little old lady friend of mine and then she taught me how to cook them
  • We watched a good friend of ours complete her first ever olympic triathalon and I have been inspired to try the same one next year.
  • I bought new running shoes as part of my effort to get in shape for said endeavor
  • Completely unrelatedly I bought a Kindle (the ereader made by in order to be able to read all the tons of books that I would normally read for less money and in order to be able to bring them all home with me in the form of 8 ounces of metal and plastic rather than the form of ten largish book boxes and hundreds of dollars worth of shipping costs. It is one of the greatest purchases I have ever made. The e-ink screen reads just like paper and the completely free 3G wireless internet EVERYWHERE is amazing. I love it.
  • Sadly, because of a great deal of trouble I am having with my bank back home I have been unable to buy any books for my kindle. However, I have downloaded over 80 free books that are available for the kindle, most of which are classics. So, until I can get my accounts sorted out, I will be reading quite a lot of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and many other fine but deceased authors. This does not really strike me as a negative, to be honest. 
  • It's now the rainy season here, so I will be out and about, but getting rather damp as the days roll by. Benefit: still nice and cool compared to the summers here. Negative: ridiculously humid and getting buggy.
Ok. I think that's it for the list.  Sorry for resorting to a list but sometimes it makes what would be an otherwise insanely long post more manageable. Check out the new pictures going up in the photo albums. Hope you're all doing well. More soon-ish.

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