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Posted on October 12, 2010 at 3:15 AM

Am I feeling a bit ashamed that I haven't yet posted the blogs about the Hokkaido trip? Yes. So guilty, that I'm going to force myself to sit still for 6 hours and write them? Not quite. But, they will come eventually. I'm sorry for the delay.

I honestly haven't had time to sit down and write them since my last post. I have had new classes starting at work (and all through September I had to teach Saturdays) and I have spent any free time I have working on my TEFL course, writing my latest novel, and studying Japanese. So, there hasn't been much time for blogs. There still isn't really, but I thought I'd squeeze one in before I go radio silent for the next week. Why will I be going on radio silence? Because my mom is coming to visit. Yay! Happiness. So, yeah, I'm writing while I still have the chance.

First off check out this picture!

Pretty sweet huh? Yeah, that's me playing bass. Hashi Jouzu (the beginner band I'm in) played at the monthly log cabin party this weekend. It was a ton of fun. We are constantly improving and because we actually practice together pretty frequently we were the best group that played (even if we are individually not the best musicians -aside from Corey) or so we were told by quite a few audience members. Yay! 

So that's why bass has been taking up so much of my time lately. We prepped for this gig pretty hard. We still made a bunch of mistakes (or at least I know I did) but overall we sounded pretty good and particularly on the songs we've been playing for a while we rocked hard.

Otherwise life is all reading, writing, studying and preparing for my mom to arrive. But she gets in TONIGHT! So preparation is almost at an end. That reminds me I need to go tidy up a bit more. So that's the end of this post. Sorry it's so short. In other news I got a haircut. It's rather short. Not sure if I like it yet, something about the shape... I'll let you know and if I decide I like it I'll post pictures.

Alright. I'm off. Must make apartment seem clean... Yipes.

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