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Of Writing and Word Counts and Jellyfish...

Posted on December 1, 2009 at 12:07 AM
Yep, jellyfish. Have a look at the photo to your right here and you'll see the interesting"wildlife" (can you call them wildlife when they're dead?) that I ran into yesterday.

Perhaps you're wondering what I was doing on the beach on a Monday afternoon (that is, if you took time zones into account and were able to ascertain by the angle of the sunlight casting shadows on the jellyfish that it was indeed afternoon). That's a fair thing to wonder about. As it happens, I am not currently working on Mondays (though chances are I will be soon) and I decided to bike out to the local bit of beach to stretch my legs in celebration.

In celebration of what you ask? In celebration of having successfully written 100,000 words of fiction (and all of them more or less connected) during the month of November. Woot! I accomplished one of my two goals. You may recall from my earlier posts that I also was attempting to finish the plot. Sadly, this didn't happen, but the reason for that is simply because there are at least another 50,000 words left to write before the plot is taken care of. So, I'm still feeling pretty good about myself. And, as I reached my goal on Sunday the 29th, yesterday was the first day in a long time that I didn't have to spend my free time holed up inside writing. Now, don't get me wrong, I love holing up and writing. But after a month of churning out 100,000 words I felt I deserved a break, and my body was dying for some fresh air and exercise.

So, I pedaled my way out to the beach (and up and down an extraneous hill just to see what lay at the top -the answer being a driving range) and took a few pictures with... my cell phone. I failed to bring my real digital camera with me, so cell phone pictures are all I've got. But, I'll be posting a few anyway as there are some fun ones of jelly fish that you might enjoy.

After spending about an hour or so inspecting dead jellyfish and enjoying the sight and sound of the Japan Sea, I pedaled my way back to town and went on with my day. For celebratory purposes, I did not write a single word of my novel. But, I'll probably try to write something every day from now until it's finished.

So, for those of you who might be interested, I have compiled some statistics from my NaNoWriMo experience for your perusal. If you are not interested feel free to skip this bit. Oh and by the way, before you start to question my sanity for keeping tabs on these kinds of things you should know that I have a handy dandy little excel spreadsheet that another NaNoWriMo participant created long ago, that compiles all of this data for me. All I have to do is enter my daily word count and the hours I spent writing.

Total words written: 100,204
Total hours spent writing: 70.28
Days in which I wrote 10,000 words: 3
Days in which I wrote 0 words: 4
Days that I averaged over 2,000 words per hour: 3
Days that I averaged under 1,000 words per hour: 3
Average words written per day: 3455
Average hours spent writing per day: 2.42
Average words per hour (for the month): 1426
Most words written in one day: 10,143
Fewest words written in one day: 0 (runner up 249)
Longest day of writing: 6.5 hours of writing
Cups of coffee consumed: 0
Cups of hot tea or miso consumed: 100 or so
Number of times that my amazing boyfriend helped pull me through by either cooking, cleaning, or just generally being wonderful to me: too many to count!

Ok. So that's about all for today. Check out the photo gallery for more pictures of jellyfish. Oh and swing by the videos to see a short clip of a mechanical reindeer that we found in a store in our town.

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