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Update: In which I explain where the hell I've been lately.

Posted on February 28, 2010 at 11:10 PM
Wow, it's been a ridiculously long time since I have written anything here. Sadly, that seems to be my latest MO. Ah well, I'm not going to waste your time apologizing for my absence but suffice it to say I've been busy.

Busy doing what you ask? Well, therein lies the purpose of this post. Here's the basic run down:

Skiing: I may have mentioned a while back (but I may not) that the boyfriend and I purchased Skis and boots and poles for the season here in Japan. It turns out that was a really good call. Our neck of the woods gets a fair bit of snow and the mountains nearby provide perfectly adequate skiing all winter long. Also, brimming with enthusiasm from our purchases we even drove down to Nagano (home of the 1998 winter olympics) and enjoyed a fun filled weekend of skiing there as well. Ski season is still going, though it's now the beginning of the end, as the weather has finally begun to turn spring like in the last week and a half.

Working: Yep, I'm still actually teaching English to Japanese people. Despite all the skiing and other recreational activities I've been getting up to, I do in fact have a job. I love my job, aside from the days I have to teach kids (and even that's not that bad, just bad by comparison). My adult students are extremely motivated and lively and just generally awesome.

Partying: Shonai is party central here in Yamagata prefecture. It turns out our local scene is where all the happeningest happenings happen to happen. (Just nod and pretend it made sense, ok?) We're the hub of all things social and there have been lots of social things occurring just about every weekend. There has been much drinking, singing, dancing, carousing, and even the occasional wearing of costumes and putting on of funny accents here in the land of dadachamame (our local, famous soybean). 

Missing the boyfriend while he went to Thailand without me: In case the header didn't make it perfectly clear, the boyfriend went to Thailand. I couldn't go (because of work). I missed him while he was gone.

Cooking: Some of you know my propensity for cooking... that is to say, I don't have one. But, I have been cooking more than usual here in Japan. I haven't yet started bread making here (can't find whole wheat flour ANYWHERE) but I have been making pizza from scratch, tortillas from scratch, AND I've been making some of my favorite Spanish tapas. Something that I haven't made in a LONG time. Strangely, I found myself being asked to teach a cooking class on Spanish Tapas about a month ago. I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but it did happen and it went well. There was much garlic. The food was delicious and trying to flip back and forth between Japanese, Spanish and English was quite entertaining.

Learning to play the bass: So, the boyfriend purchased me an electric bass for Christmas. This was secretly just what I had wanted, but of course I hadn't told him that. He simply used his powers of awesomeness to ascertain what I wanted and buy it for me. I have been practicing every day since I got it. I'm getting better, but I'm still a complete and total novice. It's a ton of fun though, and we've even put together a band of total noobs. Noob bassist, noob guitar player, noob drummer, noob singer. Good times. We have rehearsals and everything. Teehee.

Reading: I have recently read two amazing books by the author Kristin Cashore. If you have not yet read Graceling or Fire I suggest you do so immediately. Warning: the main characters are badass and female, so if women kicking ass isn't your thing then you may not wish to read them.

And, most importantly, WRITING: The progress on my novel from November has been quite slow, but there has been some progress. As soon as I finish here I plan to get to writing some more of that novel as I have had some good ideas in the last few days. Also, I have recently received some interest from an editor in turning one of my short stories into a novel for possible publication. Everything is still in the extremely early stages (I still have to write the novel and then he has to like it enough to want to publish it, etc.) but the mere prospect (even if it's such a long way off) is really exciting and highly motivating. So, needless to say that's a project that has been getting a lot of my attention lately. I will keep everyone updated if things start to  move forward with that (that is to say, I'll write it quietly, but as soon as I hear anything along the lines of  "yes we'd like to publish this" I will let you guys know). And of course, if I get bogged down in the plot there's always a chance I'll blog to bemoan my lack of talent as an author.

So, that pretty much wraps up my latest news.  I'll try to get better about blogging more frequently in the near future, but I make no promises.

I leave you with the following link because it makes me laugh, and I like to think it will make you laugh too. Old Spice

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Reply Jill
9:38 AM on March 1, 2010 
That Old Spice video cracked me up! Thanks.
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