Virginia McClain: Writer & Designer

Author of Blade's Edge and Traitor's Hope

Writing Progress: Or how Virginia's Keeping up with her newest Works in Progress...

I'm currently working on two main projects: The sequel to Blade's Edge (tentatively titled Traitor's Hope) and a new serial tentatively called The Adventures of Victoria Marmot. 

My goal is to write approximately 2000 words per day, ideally at least 1000 words per project, but more importantly just continuous progress on both of them. These projects are both just kicking off as first drafts in September 2015. I have big plans for both of them, but for now they're just fledglings, so here are some word count trackers so you can see how I'm moving along. 

Total Word Count Meter 
(both WIPs)

Gensokai Book Two (Traitor's Hope)

The (Mis)Adventures of Victoria Marmot

These are essentially my public accountability bars because I work better when I've made my goals public and have to stick to them. So starting today you should see these bars adjust daily. (Although I do have to edit my webpage to update them, so the updates may not be as frequent as my actual progress, but I will at least get around to updating the webpage every few days to make sure everyone can see my progress.)

Once these projects are out out of the first draft stage they will go into revisions and then there will be release clocks on a separate page for them, counting down until the day they are available for purchase. So come on back to check on things and feel free to prod me along (in fact, I welcome it) if you see that my progress bars haven't moved in a while.